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We first contacted Layak to get expert advice on the creation of the centralized analytical solution. After we got a clear project roadmap, we commissioned Layak to develop a part of the solution, covering invoicing. The system automates data integration from different sources and provides visibility into the invoicing process. We have already engaged Layak in supporting the solution and would definitely consider Layak as an IT vendor in the future.

Building Data Analytics Solutions for Different Domains

A data analytics company, ScienceSoft helps businesses from 30+ industries integrate, aggregate, and analyze various data types from multiple data sources to address their most deliberate needs at department and enterprise levels

HR analytics

Employee/department performance monitoring and analysis. Employee experience and satisfaction analysis. Employee retention strategy optimization and management. Employee hiring strategy analysis and optimization.

Financial analytics

Monitoring revenue, expenses and profitability of a company. Profitability analysis and financial performance management. Budget planning, formulating long-term business plans. Financial risk forecasting and management.

Customer analytics

Customer behavior analysis and predictive modeling. Customer segmentation for tailored sales and marketing campaigns. Personalized cross-selling and upselling offers for extended customer lifetime value.

Supply chain analytics

Identifying demand drivers, consumer demand forecasting and planning. Supplier performance monitoring and evaluation. Predictive route optimization. Determining the optimal level of inventory to meet the demand and prevent stockouts, inventory planning and management.

Data analytics implies building an infrastructure for data aggregation, analysis, and reporting. 34 years in data analytics services, ScienceSoft delivers tailored business analytics solutions and helps companies plan future actions based on historical insights.

Data analytics consulting

Layak consultants help you choose an optimal data analytics strategy and guide you on designing, developing, implementing and improving a proprietary data analytics solution.

Data integration and data warehousing

  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) or extract, load, transform (ELT) design and implementation.
  • Data governance (data security, quality, availability, etc.) implementation.
  • Data warehouse and data marts design and implementation.

Layak shares experience on efficient construction of a data warehouse (DWH): approaches, plan, skills required, software we recommend, and DWH development costs

Get a structured overview of data warehouse software: key features of a DWH system and a list of our proven tools to build a DWH solution.

Layak cloud data warehouse consultants present the list of 6 cloud-based data warehouse platforms that cover 99.9% use cases in data warehousing.

Layak advises on business intelligence implementation in your company: plan, tools, costs, skills for building an effective BI and analytics solution.

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