How Oracle Banking Payments solution stimulates banks to use APIs

On August 8, 2017 Oracle released its API-based Banking Payments solution to help banks accelerate the payment process. Oracle’s press release states that this banking software solution is based on ISO 20022 and supports Fedwire, U.S. Automated Clearing House, Swift as well as SEPA guidelines and standards for electronic data interchange. Still, standards compliance is not what makes the solution […]

CRM for community banks: An absolute must-have or a waste of money?

Community banks have always positioned themselves as local providers with superior knowledge of customers’ needs. But this feature is no longer reserved for community banks only, as nationwide banks are coming with deeper pockets for innovative projects on customer relationship management. Competition with megabanks threatens community banks Known for their loan application consideration and customer-oriented […]

Key banking CRM features to become customer-centric and create a single customer view

It’s easy to get lost in banking IT environment, especially when it comes to managing the relationship with customers. For many years, retail banks pooled their efforts on creating IT systems and software that would facilitate account opening, balance maintenance, support periodic statement generation process. As a result, the majority of banks overlooked the importance […]

Can Banks Benefit from Social Networks?

When was the last day you spent without checking your social network accounts? Having gained their popularity in 2002-2003, social media have engaged around 2.46 billions users worldwide. We enjoy Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., for various reasons. There is so much we can do there: watching videos, reading news, communicating with friends, finding interesting events, sharing photos […]